Prototyping Made Easy

Rapid Prototyping through 3D Printing Processes

A prototype is a question embodied, each and every product in use worked its way up from a prototype. A rule of thumb that designers, engineers alike follow is “As you make a prototype, assume you are right and everyone else is wrong. When you display your prototype, assume you are wrong and everyone else is right”, a prototype lays the foundation for the cycle of experiential learning. Mistakes are iterated and advantages are promoted. This very crucial stage takes up most of the time while developing a product. With the help of additive manufacturing techniques, the time taken for prototyping can be reduced from weeks/months to a few days.

Added Design Possibilities

Designs with complex geometries can be 3D printed to reality with great precision and in various different materials.

Fast and Efficient

Prototypes can be manufactured within a fraction of the time when compared to conventional methods.

Better Perspective

Provides a life-like perspective and aid in noticing flaws that can otherwise go unnoticed.

Cost Effective

Cost in manufacturing multiple iterations of a prototype can be majorly reduced.

Design Optimization

Multiple iterations of the prototype can be made in short span of time which provides greater flexibility to the designers.​

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